The Lunar New Year begins this Tuesday, ushering in the Year of the Pig. Many Asian cultures regard the pig, with its chubby face and big ears, as a symbol of wealth and fortune. The characteristics and traits of the pig include being hardworking, nurturing, sociable and trustworthy. According to the Chinese astrology, 2019 is going to be full of joy, a year of friendship and families.

It’s an auspicious year for all things Pig so let’s have a look at some of the likely impacts of Pig energy as the year unfolds, particularly as they relate to rolling out ePiggy banks!

To the Chinese, Pigs symbolize the values of family, friends, home and good food. Product plans and marketing strategies that include these characteristics in the year of the Pig will bring more fortune. Banking has been very individual, and adult focused for much of its history. Banks and credit unions that deploy resources into innovative family banking solutions should do well.

2019 will be heavily influenced by the festive, generous nature of Ms Piggy over the next 12 months, so go ahead and embrace the merriment of making banking fun. A positive attitude will get you far this year. Sulking or being selfish is likely to get you in trouble, particularly if your regulator has been involved in a royal commission of any sort. In the year of the Pig it is wise to invest in fun initiatives.

This is a Yin Earth Year. When combined with the Yin Water of the Pig there is a good chance of a fair amount of mud showing up . This means that parents are going to have to get their little helpers organised; if they’re not on top of the work schedule, there’s a real risk of falling behind. This is because pigs aren’t particularly attracted to the humdrum of routine, given their party-friendly natures. Thankfully, pigs do reward enthusiasm, effort and commitment, which is a win/win for families looking to improve participation around the home or school grades. Kids that show up and do their best will score points, prizes and money this year from parents who use structured digital experiences from ePiggy Banking.

Families that get organised, getting clear about what needs to be done, will find they have plenty of hours left over for fun. Pigs love all things bright and beautiful, so keep the kids focused and attentive in the year of the Pig by making the daily tasks more engaging. Pig loves heaping praise on those who deserve it. More than any other animal, pigs symbolise idealism and self-worth. Your curly-tailed friend truly wants what’s best for everyone – but expects a little effort in return; Chore, Reward, Allowance! It’s is a year for cultivating domestic skills – cooking, housekeeping and gardening. People who practice these skills and help others practice these skills will be more appreciated and will get more credit.

People will want to stay at home more because Pig is considered a home loving and family-oriented creature and they value comfort. There will be a strong pull to gather together with family, friends and workmates often. It is a good year to spoil children and grandchildren. The Chore Scout Grannie release should be a welcome contribution for our partnering financial institutions .

The energy of the Pig will make education-related businesses flourish, particularly involving children and children’s education. The Pig benefits all professions involving caring. Institutions that focus on children and the disenfranchised, will prosper in the year of pig. Generosity will be one of the themes of the year and people will be more inclined to help others less fortunate. Remember – This is a year of focusing on family, friends and community.

So there you have it. The competing forces of water and earth will require some structure and planning to get through. The pig’s natural combination of family and fun makes it a great year to participate in fun oriented children and family based value propositions. As a symbol of wealth and fortune it’s an auspicious year to engage in projects that help families build financial fitness. Anyone have a financial fitness app for families handy ?