Chore Scout 1.8 introduces some new features for children and parents that make that app more usable and fun as well as removing a stack of bugs from the MVP.

We’ve also made a bunch of changes that improve the way we are able to support our banking partners with more configurations and the multi tenancy of our cloud.

We have also beefed up security by providing an additional registration step to reduce a potential identity vulnerability.


Editable Chores: If the chores are no longer relevant, or you made a mistake, the parent can now delete the chores and create new ones

Payment History: Not sure how much you’ve paid the child or if youa re up to date – no problem, here’s the list

QR Code Linking: We’ve replaced the very fancy but quite frustrating Bluetooth linking with old school QR codes for improved reliability

Chore Notifications: Notification of chores to be done can be turned on as well defining the time of day the child or the parent want those notifications sent

Everything else carries on from the previous release